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Home Biodiversity Sustainable products „Green Pack Junior” – introducing education for sustainable development (climate change and biodiversity) in the schools in Bulgaria.
„Green Pack Junior” – introducing education for sustainable development (climate change and biodiversity) in the schools in Bulgaria.


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„Green Pack Junior” – introducing education for sustainable development (climate change and biodiversity) in the schools in Bulgaria.


The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe – Branch Bulgaria

Scope of GEF


Climate change


Successfully completed

Project Goal

Integrate education for sustainable development at all levels of the Bulgarian school


Implementation of the project offer to teachers and schools in Bulgaria comprehensive package of materials which introduce the principles of education for sustainable development (on Bulgarian language), adapted to new realities and priorities of the education system. These are handbooks, manuals, materials for pupils and others, interpreting themes, mostly related to climate change and biodiversity.

Three textbooks are issued and introduced for all levels of education of the Bulgarian school system: the textbook "Green Pack Junior" (grades 1-4); a manual for teachers and field guide for pupils from junior high school stage of education (grades 5-8) - "Osogovo, Ograjden and Belasitsa for children" and a handbook for students of high school education (grades 9-12) - "Natura 2000 in education." All materials are published in the newly created repository for textbooks - www.ucha.bg. The capacity of 95 schools is increased (primary schools, secondary schools and vocational schools) to offer new approaches to education for sustainable development. 2 green schools were held for 125 students from target schools.

Within the project in 5 Primary School "Hristo Botev", Kyustendil are installed 120 units of energy saving lighting in educational facilities and 30 energy saving bulbs in the bathrooms. Three training modules on energy saving are made - module "Energy saving lights", module "Backpack for mountain" and module "Passive house". Each module is designed for activities in class that are related to specific topics from the textbook "Green Pack Junior".

The project team facilitated the creation and registration of the association "Ecology and Health Club" that develop activities related to conducting lessons on topics from the textbook "Of Osogovo to Belasitsa for children", and excursions to familiarize pupils with the characteristics of biodiversity in the mountain Osogovo. Three-year strategy for development the association is created.

The project has supported the development of "Local action plan for conservation and management of habitats of Alpine newt (Mesotriton alpestris)”.

Results achieved

Number of development plans, incorporating the global environmental goals

1 local action plan

Number of municipalities involved


Number of products developed

3 demonstration modules for energy efficiency

Number of installations


Installed capacity, kW

13,41 kW

Impacts achieved

Number globally endangered species protected

1 - Alpine Newt (Mesotriton alpestris) and over 35 species indirectly

Number of innovations or new technologies developed or introduced


Amount of CO2 (tons) reduced or avoided


Number of local policy documents, taking into account biodiversity thematic area


Number women involved


Number men involved


Number of created / registered PO / NGOs through the project under the SGP


Number of PO / NGOs who have participated / involved


Additional information 

Veselin Drobenov

Tel / fax: 983 5217

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; www.rec.bg 

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